Annual Registration Fee of $25.00, non-refundable, per student due at the time of registration.  Please be sure to keep contact information current, especially email addresses and contact phone numbers.


Fees & Payments

All bookkeeping is handled from our Downtown studios with office hours Monday - Thursday, 3:30pm – 7:30pm & Saturday 9am – 11am, closed on Fridays.  You may call 803-252-0555 at anytime to leave a message. Tuition is calculated on the cost for the school year payable in 10 monthly installments August, 2016 – May, 2017. Tuition is not prorated for absences, holidays or partial months.  This is an annual tuition. Discount on class tuition excludes private lessons & unlimited class fee.  Refunds are not given for registration fee, tuition, missed classes, costumes or Annual May Performance.   

Returned check fee is $35.Check, cash and most major credit cards are accepted.  Credit cards accepted at the Downtown studio only or by phone. 

Checks are to be made payable to Columbia Conservatory of Dance or CCD - please include the student’s name and what the payment is for in the memo section of the check.  Remit payment by mail to the downtown studio, pay at the Downtown or Irmo desk, or place in our drop box.   Accounts will be charged for registered classes even if not attended until a written withdrawal notice is received. 

Monthly tuition is due the 1st of every month, beginning August, 2016 – May, 2017.  After the 10th of the month, the account will be considered delinquent and a $25 late fee will be charged on the account.  Payments will be credited to the oldest charge first when there is a balance due. 

Private lessons are to be paid with the purchase of a “private card” which is to be given to the instructor at the time of each scheduled lesson.  You may purchase as many cards as you wish at any time.  Private lesson will be forfeited if card is not presented.  This will result in your account being charged for the scheduled private lesson.  To cancel, please notify the instructor 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson to avoid charge. 


Class Attendance

Children should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled class and picked up promptly at the end of his/her class.  Please do not leave children unattended.  Tardiness to class not only disrupts the class but also prevents the student from getting full benefit and discipline expected.  If the student is to be late or miss class entirely, please contact the main office to notify us so we may notify the instructor. A make-up class may be made within 2 weeks of the missed class, but does not count towards perfect attendance.  No refunds for missed classes.   If student is to discontinue class, please refer to the Withdrawal section for details.  The Conservatory rewards students who attend every scheduled class.  A medal for Perfect Attendance is presented during our May Performances and eligibility begins the week of August 22nd

*Students entering the Conservatory are here to dance.  Parents, when the students are not in class, please watch them and don’t let them be disruptive to the other students who are in class.*


Required Classes for Ballet

As the student progresses to the levels of Ballet C1 all the way to Junior Ballet, there is a weekly class requirement.

Ballet C1 and C2 – 2 technique ballet classes per week

Ballet C2 pointe – in addition to the 2 technique ballet classes, 2 pointe classes per week

Ballet B1 – 3 ballet classes per week

Ballet B2 – 4 ballet classes per week

Sub Jr & Junior Ballet – 5 ballet classes per week


Annual Performances

Each year the Conservatory concludes the dance school year with a performance, otherwise known as recitals.

Performance fee per student is $40 due with first month tuition.  This fee helps pay for the theater, programs, etc needed to highlight the dancers’ progress over the year.  Costume fee per class, excludes solos, is $70 due with the October tuition.  Two complimentary tickets will be given to each student for every paid costume and account paid in full.  Both performance and costume fees are non-refundable.


Parent Correspondence

The Conservatory staff cares about each and every student and parent and wants to keep all communication lines open. Parents may enter the dance classroom by invitation only.  Classes run back to back, so it is very difficult for the instructor to have time to talk with you during class time.  Please contact the office or the instructor to set up an appointment to discuss any concerns. Parents are asked to wait in the studio lobby when waiting on their child.  For our pre-school dancers, we have observation windows open periodically for your enjoyment.  You may use these for an occasional look at the students during class time.  All other times, we like to keep the curtains/ door closed to keep the students attention on the class and not on the distractions in the hall and outside.  The Conservatory holds a week of Open House for family and friends to sit in the class and observe. Please notify the office to communicate any changes to your schedule.  Also, communicate with the instructor any health issues concerning your child.  Information is frequently posted at each location.  Please be sure to come in and check on a regular basis and please keep email current.  Please refrain from discussing issues, concerns or grievances of any kind that you may have regarding your child, studio or instructor on the business property. These are to be discussed privately with the director or faculty member at a mutually convenient scheduled appointment.  Negativity will not be tolerated.  The Conservatory is a place for all dancers to share their passion for the art of dance!


School Closings

In the event of inclement weather, we will have a message on our main office phone line, website, Facebook and local television.  Classes canceled due to inclement weather may not be made up or refunded. 



In the event a student withdraws from a class or from the school, a written notice is required.  Your account will continue to be charged until a written notice of withdrawal is received and approved.  Exception to this would be a special situation or injury, which would require a doctor’s notice. 


2016-2017 Holidays (subject to change)

Labor Day - September 5, 2016

Thanksgiving – November 23 – 26, 2016 (resume November 28)

Winter Break – December 19 – January 2, 2017 (resume January 3)

Open House – January 16 – 21, 2017

Spring Break – April 10- 15, 2017 (resume April 17)

Recitals – May 25-28, 2017 @ River Bluff High School


Class Attire

We encourage our students to please visit your local dancewear retailer to purchase dance supplies to ensure proper fitting and correct required attire.


Ballet -secured bun with hair pins, hair net & ponytail holder

All other dance classes – bun is encouraged but ponytail is accepted.  Please keep hair off of face and shoulders. 

*Proper hair is part of class attire and is strictly enforced.  Student may be excused from class for not having proper hair and clothing.  If assistance is needed, please let us know, and we will be happy to help.  Be sure to bring the supplies. We encourage student’s name in all dancewear and dance shoes! 

*Leg warmers and jewelry are not to be worn in class while dancing.  Best to keep all valuables at home!

*Street clothes or loose fitting shirts and shorts are not accepted as proper dance attire.

Pre Ballet 1, 2- Black leotard, ballet pink tights, pink leather ballet shoe

Tiny Tots & Creative Movement - Pink leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoe

Pre Tap 1, 2- Black leotard, ballet pink or carmel tights, black patent single lace tap shoe Capezio 625

Ballet D1 & D2, C1 & C2 tech - Black leotard, ballet pink Capezio #18 tights, and pink leather ballet shoe 

Ballet C2 Pointe- Capezio leotard TC0002 color AUB, Capezio skirt TC0012 color AUB, ballet pink Capezio #18 tights, pointe shoe and pink leather ballet shoe

Ballet B1 & B2, Sub Jr Ballet & Jr Ballet - Black leotard, ballet pink Capezio #18 tights, pink leather ballet shoe and pointe shoes and contact Ms. Stephanie at Wellheeled for required belt color.

Male (ballet) - White t-shirt, black tights w/ white socks, white leather ballet shoe

Tap D1, D2 - Black leotard, ballet pink or carmel tights, black Bloch 302 tap shoe

Tap C1- Black, colored leotard or bra top w/ dance shorts, carmel Capezio tights, black split sole tap shoe

Tap A, B & C2 – Black, colored leotard or bra top w/ dance shorts, carmel Capezio tights, black Capezio CG09 tap shoe

Male (tap & jazz) - Black jazz pant, solid color t-shirt

Jazz (all levels) – Colored leotard or bra top w/ dance shorts, carmel Capezio tights, tan Bloch shoe 401 or 495

Lyrical (all levels) -.  Colored leotard or bra top w/ dance shorts, carmel Capezio tights, Foot Undeez

Contemporary (all levels) - Colored leotard or bra top w/ dance shorts, Foot Undeez

Adult Classes – Comfortable work out wear with appropriate class shoes